Episode 5

They Pay Twice

It's the most effective weapon and yet, it's free: sexual and gender-based violence. By exploiting deeply-rooted gender norms, the Syrian regime attempts to break an entire society, one family at a time. In Koblenz, the judges have been asked to consider these types of crimes as crimes against humanity. This episode we'll explore why they deserve that label, and why they weren't considered crimes against humanity already.

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Joumana's report 'Words Against Silence'

Pinar's HRW report: 'They Treated Us in Monstrous Ways'

Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights report on male sexual violence

The Day After report on SGBV in Syrian detention centers

SREO report on societal attitudes towards SGBV in Syria

Deutsche Welle article on the motion

Hannah el-Hitami's article about the motion

Women Now for Development

ECCHR trial reports

Syria Justice and Accountability Centre's monitoring of the trial

Today’s episode was made possible with the support of Förderfonds Demokratie.

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